DataposIT uses the NGINX Application Platform to create applications with performance, reliability, security and scale. The NGINX Application Platform includes NGINX Plus for load balancing and application delivery, monitored and managed by NGINX Controller.

NGINX Plus software is a load balancer, web server, and content cache, offering session persistence, configuration via API, and active health checks. Using NGINX Plus instead of your hardware load balancer gives the freedom to innovate without infrastructure constraints.

NGINX Plus for Microservices delivers;

Service discovery – Automatically detect new services with DNS service discovery integration

End-to-end encryption – Mitigate security risks with secure communications between microservices and SSL offloading

Layer 7 routing – Easily direct clients to the correct service using URI-based content routing

Load balancing – Safely scale out your app using advanced load balancing with active health checks

Caching – Improve performance while reducing load on your app with flexible content caching

Flexible deployments – Run in containers, on your existing hardware, or in the cloud with flexible software

With NGINX Controller, DataposIT deployment enable organisations to manage the entire lifecycle of NGINX Plus, whether it’s deployed as a load balancer, API gateway, or a proxy in a service mesh environment.

Why DataposIT uses NGINX Controller;

Simplified Management – Effortless management of load balancers, API gateways, and service mesh deployments at scale

Strategic Command – Ensuring application performance, reliability, and availability

Agility – Deployment of new features and applications faster using a policy driven approach.

DataposIT, working with NGINX Amplify, can monitor performance, keep track of infrastructure assets, and improve configuration with static analysis. NGINX Amplify also monitors the underlying OS, application servers (like PHP-FPM), databases and other components

DataposIT recommends NGINX Amplify because it’s;

Lightweight – Cloud hosted, with a compact open source agent to install on each monitored server

Easy to Use – is up and running in less than 10 minutes

Enhanced Visibility – Gives actionable insights about NGINX configuration and performance