Human Resource Management System

DataposIT offers a system for work-force management from KServe™HRMS, available in the SaaS (Cloud) as well as in-Premise mode and is fully customizable to cater for each organisation’s unique needs.

System Capabilities

Employee database – A comprehensive database of information for all employees

Employee life cycle – Record key employee milestones such as job offer, induction, confirmation, promotion, salary increments, separation

Skills and competency tracking – Keep track for better utilization and planning

Leave management – Manage and maintain leave policies, attendance records and leave balances of employees

Biometric data integration – export data from biometric database for processing

Presence management and work-force analytics – Multiple attendance methods, leave processing, flexibility to define leave and attendance, a powerful exception handling system, work indicators to help keep track of employees’ in/out times, average worked hours, late hours, early exits, etc. for subsequent leave balance and pay related actions

Leave and attendance self-service – online application of leave & attendance, saving on time

Employee engagement self-service – Active employee engagement through orkflow enabled systems ensuring validated information such as change of address, expense claims, employee satisfaction survey and much more

Native mobile employee self-service (Android/ iOS) – Mobile-ready self-service options for hassle free requests and approval on the go

Performance appraisals – Configurable appraisals, key performance indicators, ratings, Q&A and management through an approval flow.

Letters generation and emails configurations – online generation of multiple letter formats e.g. letter of appointment and much more