IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services

DataposIT provides valuable services that ensures that you can handle your day-to-day operations seamlessly and effectively. We perform our functions strategically to improve on our clients’ employees operations and to also cut on expenses.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – for infrastructure & business applications
Managed help desk – health checks, end-user support
Managed security services/ audits – DataposIT, in partnership with Tabiri Analytics, works with enterprises to offload the burden of continuously monitoring for cyber threats, freeing them to focus on other IT operational tasks. This is done by combining signature- and behaviour-based detection with machine learning, automating the human analysis of security logs gathered from customer environments.

The accrued advantages of this automation include;

Affordable continuous monitoring of cyber threats using new research and techniques
Rapid response and triage of detected cyber threats by a skilled and trusted team
Regular briefings with IT teams and monthly reports highlighting areas of improvement

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