DataposIT deploys Navins, for Microsoft Business Central, a business process improvement software solution designed for the Insurance Sector. It offers; innovation, integration and flexibility by improving the ease of doing insurance business, enabling insurance companies to strictly focus on sales, service and operational tasks. Navins integrates with existing systems and is easy to use. It can operate both as a Full Client environment for in-house operations, as well as a Web Client for commercial tasks related to external agents and brokers.

Navins allows for:
Unified working environment for internal and external users.
Multi-currency-Multi Company. To work globally with multi-currency and language capabilities.
Full Insurance & Re-Insurance Management (Proportional, Non-Proportional).
Multiple Insured Objects (Sites, Fleets).
End-to-end Claims Management.
Multi-level schemas of Commissions / Over-Commissions.
Dynamic Underwriting Rules.
Multi-level approval process based on dynamic rules.
Embedded Document Management.
Financial management and Accounting. Seamless updating from G/L entries to Cash and Banking management; a fully qualified Finance system.
Procurement management and operations. To track and manage inventory, orders, and vendors.
Business intelligence and reporting. To sustain real-time visibility and analytics by tracking performance and business insight.

A Boost in productivity

Realtime integration across all departments
Desktop, web, tablet and mobile accessibility
Fully customizable and personalized work environment
Works in and with Office 365

Growth enablement

Design and launch new products and business lines within hours
Agent/broker portal with extended functionalities allowing instant alignment with channel
Cloud enabled with limitless scalability
Dynamics 365 sales and marketing integration

Support for digital transformation

Always at the edge of technological innovations with bi-yearly releases
Office 365, Power BI, Dynamics 365 and AI Azure services integration
Fosters easy integration to front-end apps with open architecture
GDPR readiness through Dynamics Nav

System Capabilities

Organize and automate policy management, documents, pricing, underwriting and commissions.

Manage all insurance master data and relations including Contacts, Customers, Brokers, Insurance Companies, Insurance Objects (e.g. Vessels/Vehicles), Covers, Packages.

Create & post quotes, proposals, renewals and endorsements (alteration, cancellation, undo cancellation, debit/credit note & duration change) as well as keeping versioning of posted documents.

Set up multiple approval workflows and underwriting automations with a self-service parametric environment based on dynamic rules

Easy creation of unlimited commission levels to effectively manage commission agreements and automate commission calculations for insurance and reinsurance.

Handle multiple insurance objects, instalments and payment methods per policy.

Use predefined clauses and wordings to automate and streamline documents creation

Take advantage of embedded document management capabilities to organize required documents with direct link to your system.

Analyse risk with interactive map visualizations detailing risk concentration.

Easy access to information regarding settled/unsettled policies, customers, brokers, insurance companies, inbound & outbound commissions and earned premiums.

Fully and transparently integrated with Insurance, Financial and Claims modules.

Direct link of facultative reinsurance in all insurance documents

Simple and familiar handling of treaty reinsurance with similar functionalities to the Insurance Management such as Reinsurance Proposals, Reins. Endorsements and Reins. Renewals as well as monitoring of Posted Reinsurance Treaties.

Automatic real-time calculation of reinsurance distribution, for premiums, commissions and claims recoveries

Ability to make alterations to a treaty reinsurance policy even if it is posted via reinsurance endorsements.

Handle multiple reinsurers per contract and multiple layers of reinsurance.

Proportional and Non-Proportional Reinsurance Categories (Excess of Loss, Quota Share etc.)

Reinsurance Analysis & Reporting regarding the Insurance Companies and Reinsurance Inbound Commissions.

Full observation and control of the entire claim life-cycle from the creation of the claim to the claim reimbursement.

Create claim announcements or create claims with multiple claimants and corresponding covers directly linked to posted policies

Model claim approval and status processes with a dynamic embedded workflow

Keep track of surveys, lawsuits and judicial cost regarding each Claim

Intuitive management of claim reserves (per claimant & claim) with real-time financial postings.

Simplify reinsurance with automatic reinsurance recovery calculation.

Record claim expenses with full integration to purchase invoices and procurement.

Schedule payment orders (single or multiple) that link directly to financial management and cash flow.

Gain control with claim history, detailed logging of changes in estimations, statuses, payables and recoveries and multiple reports such as detailed claim analysis, claim analysis per cover and claim expenses report

Navins incorporates the financial processes of Microsoft Dynamics NAV aligned totally to the requirements of insurance organizations with full transparency and real-time integration between insurance, reinsurance, claims and financials.

Manage the general ledger, chart of accounts and daily financials

Use unlimited user defined dimensions to create meaningful economic analysis and reporting.

Construct budgets and monitor actual performance via easy to use self-service financial reporting capabilities.

Take advantage of advanced payables and receivables functionality that supports multiple currencies to forecast cash flow and liquidity.

Gain control over your treasury with bank accounts management, reconciliations and automated SEPA processes

Monitor fixed assets- including bonds and funds- with a flexible module that allows multiple and parallel depreciation books while fully integrated to general ledger and procurement.

Streamline purchasing and procurement processes with embedded purchasing module.

Automate and control processes with financial approvals’ workflow

Navins Partner Portal is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV web client providing unpreceded benefits to organizations that want to serve their partners via a modern portal with rich capabilities.

Empower your partners with capabilities such as offers, renewals, endorsements, automatic payments, surveys and more

Give control to power users and administrators to manage portal content with one “Available in portal” click to all relevant Navins master data

Secure your deployment with embedded Microsoft Dynamics NAV security capabilities fully aligned with partner portal.

Raise productivity levels with unparalleled performance from Microsoft Dynamics NAV web client and instant deployment of changes and new policies to the web.

Lower operational costs with a portal solution that doesn’t require integration to your back-end system and is maintained and upgraded automatically with your core insurance solution.

Modern, flexible and open solution that can support digital transformation.

Open architecture with fully enabled API to support easy integration with third party systems or existing front-end applications via SOAP and OData web services.

Supreme customization capabilities to tailor system processes to your organization without compromising upgradability.

Embedded workflow engine to model multiple level approvals and automate processes across the system.

Empowered system administrator role allows advanced setup and development tasks to be performed from your team.

Navins offers embedded integrations with third party systems, including insurance companies, payment services, road assistance companies and regulatory organizations.