Hosted Software as a Service

The DataposIT ERP & Verticals-as-a-service delivery model is a tool that helps enterprises evolve and navigate change at the speed of business. We help enterprises to reduce waste, save money, and channel workflows in more productive directions.

The DataposIT ERP-as-a-service delivery model helps bring predictability and consistency to an ERP transformation journey. With our Hosted ERP-as-a-service model, enterprises can consolidate the complexity of all the offerings and vendors in the ERP space into a single, predictable managed services contract with us as a single service provider. This allows leaders to focus on what matters most (their products, services, and innovation) rather than managing ever-changing technology. The flexibility makes it readily customizable to each enterprise’s individual needs, while costing far less than building systems internally.

Take stock of how the DataposIT hosted Dynamics Business Central-as-a-service can transform the following dimensions of your business;

Financial Management.
Reduced hardware costs – substituting a fixed, predictable subscription fee for the increasing costs of maintaining hardware on-premise.

Effective use of IT personnel – Cloud hosting claws back time devoted to maintaining ERP on-premise so your personnel can focus on innovation, development, and growth.

Increased flexibility – simply call us, explain your changing needs, and update your subscription. Avoid costly investment in hardware, apps, and time.

Greater reliability – being on the hosted Dynamics Business Central-as-a-service means regular and because we perform regular backups, you won’t lose valuable data in the process.

Enhanced mobility – Being on DataposIT’s hosted Dynamics Business Central-as-a-service frees your team to go anywhere, work anytime, and use any device with access to your system.

Productivity gains – Our hosted solution liberates IT personnel to develop better solutions for everyday workflow, increase capacity for remote work, and boost uptime, broadening the horizons of your business dramatically.

Easier management – Our solution simplifies administration by making it easy to segment your resources, manage them remotely, and customize them to satisfy your changing needs.

Improved security – our hosted security takes financial responsibility for maintaining secure systems off your shoulders while protecting your valuable resources.

Backup & disaster recovery – We provide regular backups and follow a detailed plan

for recovering data after a crisis. This buys you peace of mind, knowing your data is safe – even when something unpredictable happens.