Elva DMS Hosted Service

The DataposIT ERP & Verticals-as-a-service delivery model is a tool that helps enterprises evolve and navigate change at the speed of business. We help enterprises to reduce waste, save money, and channel workflows in more productive directions.

With a hosted DMS solution from DataposIT, dealers can improve each facet of their business by combining all the tools needed into a single platform. No need to log-in to separate solutions to manage your inventory, create invoices, view service history or follow-up on leads.

DataposIT-Elva DMS-as-a-Service Modules

Financial management
Vehicle trade management
Used vehicle sales
Fleet management
Inventory management
Spare part management
Mobile apps for dealers
Web-shop/ E-commerce

DataposIT-Elva DMS-as-a-Service Modules

Vehicle service management companies
Used car dealers
Spare parts sales companies
Vehicle renting & Leasing companies
Vehicle Financing, Transport & Fleet management companies
Vehicle modification & tuning companies

How can the DataposIT-Elva DMS-as-a-Service benefit your business

Seamless migration – migration of the dealership’s systems and data can be accelerated, reducing overall implementation complexity.

Innovation on demand – can help dealerships establish clean core data that connects with other workflows, such as finance, human resources, marketing, and engineering.

Time to value – there are no high up-front capital commitments of an in-house DMS investment, Elva DMS-as-a-service can be purchased on a subscription basis, spreading the cost over several years. As a result, the returns are greater and are recognized faster

Predictable managed services contract – allows dealerships to focus on what matters most (their products, services, and innovation) rather than managing ever-changing technology.

All-in-one solution – data flows seamlessly from one functional area of the business to another, allowing for accurate and timely reporting for informed business decisions.

Improved customer service – tracking more lead data and making it available to your entire team.

Data & marketing – generate massive amounts of data and display it in easy-to-read reports to help helps create campaigns, use social media, and track results.

Flexibility – whether you have one dealership or 50, it can be scaled and customized accordingly

Cloud-based solution – Run your dealership from anywhere, eliminate the problems of in-house servers and IT systems overload and the associated costs, simplify and streamline the process of deploying system updates.