Cloud Services

Cloud Service

DataposIT is VMware Cloud Verified. We are the first cloud service provider, in East Africa, to achieve this status. Our services are vetted and running on top of the complete VMware Cloud stack. And we are the right partner for clients looking for hybrid cloud services that are secure, trustworthy, flexible and allows them to retain control.  

Through Ace Micro Services, the cloud infrastructure deployment arm of DataposIT, the VMware Cloud Verified services platform, delivers different cloud journeys that have; 

  • Interoperability and compatibility with your on-premises data-centres environments, for freedom and flexibility to run your apps from the cloud or from your data-centre.  
  • A single management pane for seamless workload placement to either our local cloud, the hyperscalers (AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure etc.) or your data centers.   
  • Ability to easily perform cross-cloud workload migrations or repatriations based on factors such as costs, security, performance, availability, regulatory compliance
  • Flexibility to choose the right solutions for each application from a variety of VMware Cloud Verified partner services.  
  • Cost optimization by lowering your TCO with consistent operations, enterprise management services and infrastructure from your data-centre to the various clouds.  
  • End users easily accessing apps and data from anywhere and any cloud with integrated cross-cloud networks & security.  
  • Various consumption models (private-dedicated, public and hybrid clouds)  
  • On- demand scalability including scale out to clouds during performance/capacity spikes.  
  • Enterprise data protection from ransomware and other threats including data immutability & secure cross-cloud restorability.  

Our customers enjoy the benefits of on-boarding on a local cloud. It is seamlessly linked to the popular hyper-scalers using the VMware technology stack. 

  • Localised services – a localized cloud experience with customer intimacy – local data centers, local expertise and support, local billing, local currency, local relationships, flexible terms and conditions, local contracts with a local business partner.
  • A VMware cloud verified deployment that will seamlessly integrate their private clouds with the hybrid cloud offerings, with capabilities to scale on-demand to hyper-scalers such as Google Cloud, AWS and Azure. And still enjoying the same familiar common management pane.
  • XaaS Models – Ability to consume everything as a service including virtualization, infrastructure, network and security, Backup/DR, storage, application management, containerization/Kubernetes, extensibility and more. 
  • Any cloud, any app, any device – Accessibility from anywhere, at any time, using any device with an internet connection
  • No maintenance of separate, incompatible, and non-interoperable stacks, complex cross-site networks and security issues, application dependency mapping delays, and more.
  • Proactive information security to protect every tenant against the changing landscape. 
  • Frequent firmware and software upgrades and updates, ensuring you are on the latest version on the entire hosting stack.

From our proven & integrated Cloud Provider Platform Stack offered by ACE MICRO Services, we provide services that help to accelerate time to market for customer products. And improve the customer experience. 

  1. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  2. Network & Security as a service (NSX)
  3. Database as a service (DBaaS)
  4. Applications as a service/ Hosted applications
  5. Containers & Kubernetes platforms as a service.
  6. DevOps – Developers & XaaS Services
  7. Monitoring & Management services for the hybrid cloud– 
    • OS Monitoring, 
    • Web/App/DB Monitoring
    • Public Cloud Monitoring\Private cloud monitoring
    • Alerts-as-a-Service
    • Reports-as-a-Service
    • Compliance-as-a-Service
    • Proactive Managed security services (MSS)